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College Launches New Funding Programme PostdocLab


The College for Social Sciences and Humanities launches a new funding programme for excellent postdoctoral researchers from the University Alliance Ruhr working in the social sciences and humanities: the PostdocLab | College UA Ruhr. Up to three cross-university working groups, both discipline-specific and interdisciplinary, can receive funding from October 2024 until April 2026. Applications are accepted until 12 August.

The PostdocLab offers attractive conditions for postdocs from the UA Ruhr who are striving for a permanent career in academia and seek to expand their experience in planning and carrying out collaborative research projects. Maximiliane Wilkesmann, member of the College’s Scientific Board, explains its purpose: “The concept of the PostdocLab is tailored to fulfil the need for structured support and development opportunities for postdoctoral researchers in our disciplines. The innovative model combines (inter-)disciplinary collaboration with career development and fosters a dynamic and supportive environment where postdocs can thrive both academically and professionally within the UA Ruhr.”

The working groups can be discipline-specific or interdisciplinary, each consisting of up to three members from at least two UA Ruhr universities. Group members are free to use the assigned budgets for various activities to further develop their academic profiles and establish academic networks within the Ruhr region and beyond. That could be, for instance, realising academic events or joint publications, conducting collaborative surveys, or developing formats for science communication. “The PostdocLab is designed to support and encourage postdocs with their own project ideas to strengthen their research profiles. By providing a mix of resources and international collaboration opportunities, the programme not only enhances individual career prospects, but also contributes to the creation of broader research networks,” Maximiliane Wilkesmann emphasises. To this end, the College expects working groups to integrate at least one scholar from abroad into their activities.

Postdoctoral researchers in the social sciences and/or humanities within the University Alliance Ruhr who have completed their doctorate with excellent results are welcome to apply by 12 August. Details on the prerequisites and application process are outlined in the call for applications.

Call for applications


Dr Mark Halawa-Sarholz, Academic Managing Director
e-mail: contact@college-uaruhr.de
phone: +49 201 183-6541