• Senior Fellowship Programme

Applying for a Senior Fellowship

The College publishes a call for applications for its international Senior Fellowship Programme once a year in the spring; applications are possible until the indicated deadline (regularly in the summer). In this annual admission process, the Scientific Board selects candidates for all fellowships commencing in the following year (i.e., for both the spring and autumn period).

Among the primary criteria for selection are the academic excellence of the candidate’s research profile, the collaborative character and academic quality of the project, and the potential for innovation.


Call for Applications

The Principle of Tandem Applications

The Senior Fellowship Programme is based on the principle of collaboration. Hence, an essential component of the application process is to find a suitable tandem partner and agree on a collaborative project. As the first step, international researchers interested in applying are required to identify potential partners among experienced scholars from the University Alliance Ruhr (University of Duisburg-Essen, Ruhr University Bochum, TU Dortmund University) whose disciplines and specialisations intersect with their own. Possible projects should be discussed well in advance of the application. A letter of intent from the tandem partner endorsing the application is indispensable.

Acting as a Tandem Partner

As a senior researcher at a UA Ruhr university, you have the opportunity to collaborate with international senior fellows in the role of a tandem partner.

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