• Senior Fellowship Programme

Tandem Partners

Collaborating with International Fellow Researchers

As an experienced senior researcher working in the social sciences and/or humanities at a member university of the University Alliance Ruhr, you are invited to act as tandem partner of a Senior Fellow. If you are interested in pursuing a collaborative research project, the College encourages you to support the application of an international fellow scholar.

Members of the UA Ruhr in the social sciences and humanities are welcome to approach the Managing Office at any time with proposals for potential candidates for the Senior Fellowship.


Who Can Act as a Tandem Partner?

Eligible as tandem partners are advanced, highly experienced senior researchers (at least R3 level) from the UA Ruhr (University of Duisburg-Essen, Ruhr University Bochum, TU Dortmund University) working in the fields of social sciences and/or humanities.

How Can I Support the Application of an International Researcher?

Besides an outline of the planned collaborative project, applications need to include a short letter of intent expressing the tandem partner’s endorsement of the fellowship. The joint project should be agreed upon well in advance of the application.

What is the Role of a Tandem Partner?

Tandem partners are expected to foster the integration of international Senior Fellows into the academic landscape and scientific community of the UA Ruhr. Acting as a tandem partner entails investing a certain capacity of time and resources into the collaborative project. This implies that prospective tandem partners do not plan a longer stay abroad or leave of absence themselves during the period of the fellowship.